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Fellow artists/performers/backstagers who I admire and who have supported me. 

Click on their name for links to their internet stuffs.

Award-Winning Theatre-Maker, Writer, Actor, Knitter, Animal Lover, Hilarious Person. Creator of critically-acclaimed shows 'Garden' and 'Lucy, Lucy and Lucy Barfield'. Oh, and director of my show 'Georges the Spider'.

Comedy Writer, Performer, Producer, Director. Founder of the comedy collective Enjoyment Parade who are producing 'Georges the Spider'. Co-writer of new comic play 'Bone Wars' in which I will be appearing.

Stand Up Comedian.  Producer of my show 'Bewildered' and a general support to me over the years - i.e. teaching me how to write a gag correctly.

Writer, Editor, Former Stand Up Comedian. We write sitcoms together and were grand finalists in The Sitcom Mission 2016.

Actor, Writer, Character Comedian aka Jenny Fawcett (one of my favourite characters ever), one half of sketch duo Ford and Akram. Director of my show 'Bewildered'.

Musician - Singer in She Made Me Do It/Keyboardist in Rachel Stamp, Actor, Yoga Expert, Animal Activist. A wonderful person and supporter of my work, especially when I was script editing and blocking 'Bewildered'.

Stand Up Comedian, Writer. Co-writer of new comic play 'Bone Wars' in which I will be appearing.

Video Producer, Writer. Has filmed and edited quite a few vids for me.

Artist, Graphic Designer. Designed the art work for 'Bewildered'.

Singer Songwriter, Activist, Artist. Great supporter of my work!

Singer Songwriter. One of the funniest people I know.

Poet, Community Activist, Absolutely Lovely Guy.

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